Michael Klein | January 17, 2019
With the government returning, at least temporarily, check with individual restaurants. Some are extending the offer as a courtesy. With the partial federal government shutdown affecting the wallets of workers and their families, restaurants are getting into the act, offering credits and comps to those who produce valid ID. Among the deals: Misconduct Tavern’s locations

Alicia Vitarelli | November 28, 2018
In this week's 6 Minute Meal and a Deal, Alicia Vitarelli has the recipe for Misconduct Tavern's Lobster Burger 2 lbs cooked lobster meat. Chef Tip: You can buy the lobster already poached at your grocery store seafood counter 1 lb cod 2 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon white pepper Chef Tip: White pepper looks better on the white fish but the chef also prefers the taste for this application

Danya Henninger | October 16, 2018
Sports superstition says that when you do something and it leads to wins, you better do it again next time. Last year, Misconduct Tavern and Conshohocken Brewing partnered on two beers — one that paid homage to Joel Embiid and one that saluted Ben Simmons — and then both Sixers had stellar seasons, leading the team to its best finish in more than a decade.

Josie Sepel | July 13, 2018
Haven’t you heard? Marathons are overrated. 5Ks are so last year. The time has come for a new race distance: the 1K! At less than three-quarters of a mile (.62 miles to be exact), this is one race you probably won’t have to train for. Unless, of course, you need to practice consuming beer and then running — which, believe us, is a skill.

Sarah Maiellano | November 10, 2017
Let’s face it: Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is a pain. Sure, for some it’s a joy to spend two days in the kitchen making every guest’s favorite side dish and squeezing a giant, expensive bird into the oven. And then there are those who’d rather fake a dire illness. That’s where Philly’s restaurants come to the rescue.

Sinead Cummings | October 11, 2017
Misconduct Tavern, which has two locations in Philly, has collaborated with Conshohocken Brewing Co. to create a special beer for the 76ers season.
On Wednesday, Oct. 18, during the Sixers first game, Misconduct at 1511 Locust Street will tap the first keg of Hinkie's Sweet Revenge. The Belgian Witbier, brewed with ginger and black currants, was inspired by Joel Embiid's love of Shirley Temples.

Marilyn | September 28, 2017
If you’re from the Philadelphia area, the name Joel Embiid should ring a bell. Misconduct Tavern is excited to kick off the 2017-2018 76ers season with a unique beer tributed to the team’s center player. On the court, Sixers center, Joel Embiid is known for being a graceful giant-making dunking look too easy. Off the court, Embiid can be found socializing at various Center City bars sipping on a Shirley Temple. Seeing that this is Embiid’s drink of choice, it is only fitting that Misconduct Tavern’s new beer is crafted to have a similar taste.

A Beer Inspired By Joel Embiid's Love for Shirley Temples

 October 21, 2017
“Hinkies Sweet Revenge” is a draft-only release named after former Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie. Many people credit him with compiling the current young Sixers team that has fans and newscasters beyond excited. The recipe for Hinkie’s Sweet Revenge was inspired by star center Joel Embiid’s love for Shirley Temple drinks.

Danya Henninger | October 18, 2017
If you’re ready to raise a glass to The Process as the 2017-18 NBA season kicks off, here’s the beer to do it with. On Oct. 18, as the Sixers take the court for their debut against the Washington Wizards, Misconduct Tavern will tap the first keg of Hinkie’s Sweet Revenge, a limited-edition release from Conshohocken Brewing Co.

Larry Nichols | July 13, 2017
A lazy, sunny summer afternoon perched next to an open window on the second-floor dining area overlooking Locust Street is a great way to get acquainted with Misconduct Tavern. The aptly named spot at 15th and Locust streets will do delightfully sinful things to your diet.

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